Packed with nutrients, loved by birds worldwide

100% Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Nutritious Like No Other

40% protein and 25% fat and 80x more calcium than mealworms, packed with nutritious goodness

Supreme Quality

Grown on probiotic rich feed. We are also FDA registered, GMO free and use no additives or preservatives

Earth friendly

Our Black Soldier Flies eat food which would otherwise end up on a landfill releasing tons of bad methane gas into our atmosphere

  • Only the best for your birds

    Produced in FDA registered facility, 100% GMO-free and with no additives or preservatives

    Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly Chicken and Bird Treats Better Than Mealworms
  • Naturally Nutritious

    Our grubs are packed with Protein - especially with very important lysine and methionine; Fats - lauric acid known for its antimicrobial effect; Calcium - with up to 85x more Calcium than mealworms and optimal Calcium to Phosphorus ratio

    Black Soldier Flies are a natural treat packed with protein and healthy fats and loaded with calcium
  • Ideal Treat - a superfood for pets

    Our dried black soldier flies are an ideal treat for chickens, ducks, birds but also reptiles, amphibians and other pets. They are especially important during harsh weather conditions, stress or recovery.

    BSF treats enjoyed by chickens birds ducks and other pets year-round
  • Supreme Grubs are Earth-Friendly

    Farming black soldier flies helps decrease the amount of methane gas released into our atmosphere. By supporting us, you are supporting more sustainable agricultural and environmental practices - thank you to all who've been supporting us so far!

    Supreme Grubs is an Earth friendly company by farming grubs we reduce bad gas emissions into our atmosphere

How are Supreme Grubs made?

Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly lifecycle from larvae to adult fly and Supreme Grubs dried larvae production



Why Choose Supreme Grubs?

we know your chicken, ducks and birds will love it, even if they don't know the below

Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly Chicken Treats 5 Pound Box
  • Nutritious

    🐥 Rich in protein and healthy fats to support molting and promote healthy feathers

  • Packed with minerals

    🐣 Dense in micronutrients, calcium, phosphorus for stronger eggshells

  • Good for Chicken & Earth

    🌱 GMO free - FDA registered - Environmentally friendly - No additives, no preservatives

  • Probiotic rich

    💪 Fed on probiotic rich diet, to help support the immune system


I've been feeding my chicken with black soldier fly for years. There's a lot of choice now for soldier flies but since my chicken like Supreme Grubs the best, I stick with them.

These seem to be meatier than grubs from other brands and they are better priced

I have been raising chickens for more than 20 years and this is one of the best treats I've come across