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We are an international team of farmers, scientists, professors and economists joining forces with a mission to bring insects to the table and farms around the world. As we follow our mission, we tackle the issues of food waste, drive sustainability in agricultural practices and bring better food security for farmers and global population. We focus on the farming of black soldier fly larvae for industrial feed, biomedical ingredients and direct to consumer products such as treats for poultry and other small pets. 


Protein Ministry Logo


We started off in 2017 as Protein Ministry was founded in Singapore and we worked with and operated insect farms around Southeast Asia and China. With the scope of operations expanding, and with increasing demand in the United States, we moved our corporate base and distribution to the US while growing the farms in Asia. 


Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly logo


Our consumer brand, Supreme Grubs, was born out of the need to bring high quality black soldier fly to the small farmers and regular folks raising backyard poultry. We are proud that we are helping to support small scale food production and self-sustainability with our Supreme Grubs black soldier fly treats.