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Adult black soldier fly

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Soldier Flies

Black soldier flies (BSF) are a fascinating insect species that are often overlooked. These flies are harmless and play an important role in the environment by breaking down organic waste, making them a sustainable solution for waste management. In addition to their ecological benefits, there are several interesting facts about these flies that you may not know. Here are 10 things you didn't know about black soldier flies:

(1) They are not like common houseflies: Black soldier flies are not like the houseflies that you see buzzing around garbage cans. They are larger, measuring up to 1.5 inches long, and they have a shiny black coloration. They are also much cleaner and do not spread diseases.

(2) They don't bite: Unlike other flies that can be quite annoying and sometimes carry diseases, black soldier flies do not bite. They are not attracted to human food or waste and prefer to feed on decomposing organic matter. Adult flies do not eat and rely on the food and water they consumed during their larvae stage of life.

(3) They are fast reproducers: Black soldier flies reproduce rapidly. Females can lay up to 500 eggs at a time, and their eggs hatch into larvae within four days. The larvae then grow quickly, pupate, and transform into adult flies within two weeks.

(4) They have a short lifespan: The adult black soldier fly only lives for about a week. During this phase, they do not feed and instead focus on mating and laying eggs.

(5) They are excellent decomposers: Black soldier fly larvae are excellent at breaking down organic waste material. They consume a variety of food waste, including fruits, vegetables, and even meat, leaving behind a nutrient-rich residue that can be used as compost. They also have a natural immunity and are able to neutralize the pathogens found in the feed which makes them very interesting to scientists who are still trying to understand how they've evolved to possess this trait.

(6) They can be farmed for their larvae: Black soldier fly larvae are an excellent source of protein for livestock, aquaculture, and even human consumption. They can be farmed using organic waste material, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable source of food.

(7) They are efficient feed converters: Black soldier fly larvae are incredibly efficient at converting waste into usable protein. Depending on the type of feed they are grown on, they can convert up to 25% of the organic matter they consume into protein.

(8) They are not pests: Black soldier flies are not considered pests and do not pose a threat to crops, livestock, or human health. In fact, it's quite the opposite as they can be quite beneficial in reducing the amount of organic waste in landfills.

(9) They can be used in bioremediation: Black soldier fly larvae have been shown to be effective in breaking down pollutants in contaminated soil. Their ability to consume organic waste material makes them an excellent candidate for bioremediation efforts.

(10) They are native to North America: Black soldier flies are native to North America and are found throughout the United States and Canada. They have also been introduced to other regions worldwide and are now being farmed for their numerous benefits.

In conclusion, black soldier flies are fascinating creatures that are essential for managing organic waste and producing protein-rich feed. They are not pests and are instead eco-friendly and sustainable. By farming them, we can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and provide a valuable source of food for animals and humans alike.


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