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Interesting Chicken Breeds From Around The World

5 Interesting Chicken Breeds From Around the World

There are hundreds of chicken breeds across the world, and you've probably seen some of them. However, several chicken breeds have stood out due to their appearance as well as their egg and meat producing capacities. Here we will cover five interesting breeds although there are so many other interesting chicken breeds.

Some of these chicken breeds have achieved recognition and even become cultural icons in their respective countries. Note that the five are not listed in any particular order since they are all equally interesting. So, lets get started:

#1 La Flèche

This breed of Chicken is known for its purposes of providing rich meat and eggs. Because of its arrow-shaped comb, it got its name from the French term, "la flèche", which translates to "the arrow". La Flèche is believed to have originated in the 15th century around La Flèche, Sarthe. La Flèche is well-known for the superb quality of its meat.

La Fleche Black Chicken Breed with Arrow Shaped Comb


#2 Onagadori

Every chicken breed has a distinguishing trait that sets it apart. Onagadori's long, beautiful tail is one of its most remarkable features. Onagadori comes from Japan, and because of its protected status its eggs are not allowed to be exported. Due to its specificity, only the most pampered and well-cared-for roosters can keep their feathers and long tail. Although you may find a few nowadays since they are on the verge of being extinct, Onagadoris used to be exported before becoming protected species and a cultural icon in Japan.


Japanese cultural heritage Onagadori Rooster with a long tail


#3 Frizzle Chicken

Its name was derived from the term "frizzling", which occurs when the feather curls upward and outward away from the body. Frizzle Chicken is said to have originated in Asia, more precisely in Far East Asia. This breed is not uncommon and was first mentioned in the 1600s. Frizzle Chickens make good pets but are very delicate and prone to numerous health issues, which often limits their life span. They are kept more as ornamental pets than for their eggs or meat, although they do produce eggs.

Frizzle Chicken Breed Frizzling Outdoor in the Garden


#4 Sebright Chicken

This breed is one of the earliest and most popular British bantams. Sebright Chicken as a breed was first mentioned around the 1800s and named after its breeder, Sir John Saunders Sebright. Sebrights are notable for their size and lace-patterned plumage. Although it is unique because of its appearance, it is not suitable for beginner chicken keepers, as it has a below average ability to produce good eggs and meat.

Beautiful Sebright Chicken Breed Walking Under The Sun


#5 Mille Fleur d’Uccle Chicken

This breed is probably one of the most visually-pleasing chicken breeds. Aside from their attractive appearance, Mille Fleurs, whose name means thousand flowers in French, make excellent companions since they like being handled and have a friendly demeanor. The downside of this breed is that it doesn't lay many eggs. However, their companionship as pets compensates for their poor egg productivity.


Mille Fleur d'Uccle Chicken Breed Enjoying the Sun Outdoor



These chicken breeds have earned their place among the most interesting breeds from around the world. Although they might be appealing in terms of their traits and characteristics, there are weaknesses and shortcomings. All chicken breeds hold important characteristics that make them special. However, It would be wonderful to shine a focus on these breeds as unusual and distinctive breeds worldwide.


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