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Healthy backyard birds playing around the coop

8 Things You Need to Have to Ensure Your Chickens Stay Healthy

As backyard chicken owners, it's our responsibility to ensure that our feathered friends are happy and healthy. And yes, keeping chickens healthy requires a bit of work and effort. But don't worry - if you're willing to put in the work, keeping chickens healthy is actually quite easy! In this blog post, we'll go over eight things you need to have to make sure your chickens stay healthy.


A clean coop: The first step to keeping your chickens healthy is making sure their home is clean. Dirty, cramped spaces can lead to disease and infestations. So, make sure you clean the coop regularly and provide plenty of space for your chickens to roam.


Fresh water: Chickens need fresh water to stay hydrated and healthy. Make sure to provide water in a clean container and change it regularly to prevent bacteria growth.


Proper nutrition: Feeding your chickens a balanced diet is essential to their health. Make sure they have access to feed that contains the right nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and vitamins.


Grit: Chickens need grit to help them digest their food. Grit is small, sharp stones that they swallow and use to grind up their food in their gizzards. Make sure to provide them with plenty of grit to help with digestion.


Dust baths: Chickens like to take dust baths to keep their feathers clean and free of parasites. Provide a designated area for them to do so, such as a shallow container of sand or dirt.


Vitamin supplements: Sometimes, even with a balanced diet, chickens may need extra vitamins to stay healthy. Talk to your vet about which vitamin supplements are best for your chickens.


Parasite control: Parasites like mites and lice can cause serious health problems for your chickens. Make sure to regularly check your chickens for signs of infestation and use appropriate treatments if necessary.


Stress-free environment: Chickens are sensitive animals and can become stressed easily. Try to keep their environment calm and peaceful by providing plenty of space, avoiding loud noises, and keeping predator threats away.



Keeping chickens healthy is all about providing them with the right environment, nutrition, and care. With a clean and spacious coop, proper nutrition, and regular health checks, your chickens will be happy and healthy for years to come. Remember, keeping chickens is a responsibility that requires work, but it's also incredibly rewarding. With a little bit of effort, you'll be able to enjoy fresh eggs and happy chickens for years to come!


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