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Benefits of Black Soldier Fly treats for Ducks

Your feathery friends, and their adorable little ducklings, running about in your backyard garden is a precious sight to behold. To make the most out of this view and also derive maximum benefits from your ducks, it is vital to keep them active, happy, and healthy.

In this article, we’ll focus in particular on the benefits of supplementing your ducks diet with a “super-treat”, a not-so-secret but not-used-frequently-enough ingredient: Black Soldier Fly meals. Trust us, your ducks will love it!        

BSF meals are especially important for ducks that do not get to munch on insects often. For example, birds that spend a lot of time in their coop do not get a chance to forage for insects. As a substitute, they can be fed Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which gives them the animal protein they require.

If you’re considering BSF for your ducks, follow us through this article as we guide you through its numerous health benefits.

More Energetic Ducks

If your ducks are acting lazier than usual and simply lacking their ‘happy quack’, they may be low on energy. To lift their spirits and bring back the energy, try incorporating a few handfuls of Black Soldier Fly Larvae. If nutrient deficiency was the issue, you should see their vigor restoring in just a few days. 

This effect is often observed because of the caloric and nutritive boost BSF provide.With around 40-45% protein and 20-25% fat by dry weight, BSF are the some of the most, if not the most nutritious yet natural treats your ducks can have. 

Faster Growth And Improved Metabolism

There’s another benefit of the full amino acid protein profile of BSF. When protein enters your ducks’ bodies, it is broken down into individual amino acids. These amino acids keep your ducks healthy by repairing and restoring damaged muscles and cells. In addition, it boosts their metabolic rates, that is, the pace at which your ducks convert food to energy.

BSF treats also contain magnesium. This micro-nutrient is important for metabolism and ensures growth at optimal rates and helps their bodies to function normally.

Stronger Skeletons

Black Soldier Fly treats contain phosphorus, in optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio. Phosphorus is essential for the efficient and rapid growth of the skeleton. Hence, BSF meals contribute towards solid and sturdy structures.

Strong Bones And Better Feathers

BSF meals also provide ducks with zinc and calcium. These nutrients help ducks form strong bones and better feathers. Plus, zinc plays an essential role in enzyme formation.

Increased Immunity

The zinc present in BSF meals helps the duck’s immune system fight off pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Additionally, they also contain copper, which slows down the growth of micro-organisms. Both of these factors taken together contribute to increased immunity and a lesser likelihood of contracting diseases. Supreme Grubs black soldier flies were fed on probiotic rich feed which means that they contain certain postbiotics which can further boost the immune system.

Healthier Eggs

The calcium present in Black Soldier Fly meals is essential for ducks to lay better-quality eggs. With the right amount of calcium, all other things being at the optimal rate, you will get healthy, strong eggs, and in significant amounts! … I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a couple of extra eggs? 

Helps Prevent Conditions Like Anaemia And Rickets

Iron is used to build haemoglobin. Haemoglobin transports oxygen to all organs in duck bodies, hence supporting normal functioning. When a lack of haemoglobin occurs, a condition called ‘anaemia’ results, and the duck is believed to be anaemic. However, BSF meals contain the mineral iron, which ensures a steady supply of haemoglobin and prevents anaemia.

On top of that, a relatively high amount (as compared to mealworms) of calcium provided by Black Soldier Flies ensures that bone-related diseases like osteoporosis and rickets are avoided.


Black Soldier Fly treats make up for the missing insects in your ducks’ diets and provide a range of health benefits, as listed in this article. Moreover, ducks fed on nutrients present in BSF have increased energy levels and improved health compared to ducks deprived of them. Supplementing with BSF is a great and simple way to incorporate animal protein into their diet - and a way which is sustainable for the environment and has a much better nutritive profile as compared to competing treats.


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