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Chicken during Molting Season missing a couple of feathers

How Molting Affects Your Chickens

It's definitely molting season again if your backyard appears to be a mess with a smattering of feathers. But don’t fret, it is a normal occurrence although it may halt egg production for a short time due to seasonal changes.

These are some effects you should pay attention to when molting season comes.


Chickens Might Feel Stressed

Chickens may feel agitated and uneasy due to sensitivity in this situation. Avoid holding them unnecessarily to avoid stress. They may not look angry or in pain, but chicken keepers have most likely noticed changes in their behavior during this period.


Decrease in Egg Production

A halt in egg production is a regular occurrence during molting season. It signifies that the molting season will start again. However, always look after the chickens, as a decline in egg-laying might lead to a potential health issue.


They'll Need more Protein

Chickens shed a lot of their old feathers during the molting season which occurs on an annual basis. However, it is better to assist them by speeding up the regrowth process. A high-protein intake helps ensure feather growth. Make sure to select a treat that they will both like consuming and will be helpful in this process. Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly Larvae is a high-protein treat that is high in minerals and protein throughout the molting season. Who wouldn't want a special treat during this time of year? Chickens need a nice, excellent treat to be comfortable during a season when they are generally fragile.



Molting season occurs naturally for chickens every year. It's nothing to be worried about, and the most important thing is that you keep observing your chicken's health during this time more closely and ensure that you support them throughout the process. Support during molting encompasses nutritional boosts with protein rich feeds or treats as well as providing an environment where they can enjoy some quiet time without too many disturbances.


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