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Urban farming - Quails as perfect birds to keep at home

The Best Birds to Keep if You Live in an Apartment

Being an urban dweller doesn't mean you can't raise poultry. In fact, if you live in an apartment, there are still a few bird breeds that are perfect for expanding your family with feathers. Living in an apartment does mean you have limited space, but that doesn't mean you can't have chickens without a backyard. Choosing the right bird breeds is crucial if you want to keep your neighbors happy and ensure that you aren't breaking any laws. In this blog, we'll cover the best birds to keep if you live in an apartment.


Bantam chickens

If you're a chicken enthusiast in an apartment, bantam chickens are your best bet. These miniatures of regular chickens only weigh around one pound, making them perfect for confined spaces. They're also friendly, cute, and come in various colors and types. Bantams come in feathered leg, clean leg, and even frizzled feathers, making them quite interesting to look at. They're relatively quiet, so they won't cause too much disturbance.



Quails are another bird breed that's perfect for apartment residents. These birds are tiny, weighing around six ounces. They're less common than chickens, but they're great for smaller homes, which is why they're gaining popularity. Quails are relatively easy to care for, and they don't make much noise. They're also surprisingly productive, laying about 250 tiny eggs annually.



Pigeons have been bred for over 5,000 years because of their beauty and intelligence. They're quiet, making them a perfect bird to keep in apartments. Pigeons are also trainable, making them ideal for use as messenger pigeons. While keeping them as pets is common in many parts of the world, they're not prevalent in many American cities. It's essential to research and learn about keeping and caring for pigeons before acquiring them as pets.



Doves are another bird breed that's ideal for apartment living. These birds are quiet, small, and easy to care for. They're beautiful, come in various colors, and are affectionate pets. Doves are also very social and tend to live up to 10 years, far longer than most small bird breeds. Another fantastic experience of keeping doves is that they coo melodiously, giving you a soothing and calming effect.



Parrots may be one of the most popular birds that people keep as pets, and they're great roommates as long as you're prepared for them. Parrots are intelligent, and they can be very vocal, making them a great companion for apartment living. However, if you're going to keep them, you have to understand that they require a lot of interaction and attention. Parrots will need regular interaction to keep them from developing mental health conditions.


To conclude, living in an apartment doesn't mean you have to miss out on the joys of poultry farming. There are several bird breeds that are ideal for animal lovers who want to keep chickens, quails, pigeons, doves, or parrots in their apartments. Always remember that while some birds are better suited to apartment living than others, maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors is crucial. Keep the birds clean, tidy, and as quiet as possible when necessary so that your living arrangement is livable for everyone. With proper care and attention, you can experience all the benefits of keeping birds as pets.


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