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Many colorful chicken eggs in a basket

What You Can Do With Extra Eggs Made by Your Birds

We all know the typical saying that the more, the merrier. But it's hard to know what to do if your chickens are laying more eggs than you can use. What do you do with all the extra eggs your hens are laying?

The egg is, undoubtedly, a fantastic food. As a budget protein source, it can't be surpassed for its health benefits, taste, and price. You can prepare eggs in various ways, whether it be baking, boiling, scrambling, poaching, or frying. They also add a rich flavor to waffles, crepes, quiches, egg bakes, custards, pies, cakes, and popovers, among other dishes. But if you have too many eggs produced by your hens and you are tired of eating eggs every day, fortunately, there are several ways to deal with a surplus of eggs (and we will exclude the idea of expanding your family so that more eggs can be consumed 😃)

Here are a few ideas on what you can do with those extra eggs made by your birds:

#1 Sell the eggs

If your birds produce more eggs than you consume, the simplest and most economical way to deal with the surplus is to sell the extra eggs. Put up a simple signage in front of your house and advertise your eggs to those who drive or walk by. And if you don't like the idea of a physical signage, why not put up an ad on Craigslist? Besides the general public, you can also sell eggs to friends and relatives, or take them to work and offer them to your co-workers. 

You may be amazed at how easy it is to sell your eggs, since more and more folks are re-discovering the benefits of local grown produce and farm-fresh taste! Ultimately, the main driver for this option isn't to make a ton of money but to ensure that whatever nature and your care for chickens has given you is not going to waste. As a side benefit, you may also pickup some commercial knowledge and use it in other areas of life.

#2 Gift the eggs

It's a nice feeling when you give to others. Giving eggs to your neighbors is an excellent way to get acquainted with them and make some friends. In addition, you can provide eggs to homeless or people who need them directly or indirectly by donating them to charities. They will surely appreciate it, and you will be spreading much needed kindness, something we all should strive for.

#3 Feed them back to the birds

Feeding eggs back to the birds is also a good option. Some people may not be comfortable with this idea, however in the wild, chickens eat their eggs, which are a fantastic source of nutrition. If you include the shell, you also got yourself a natural and rich source of calcium which the birds, especially hens, always require.

When you have too many eggs to consume, boil the eggs for fifteen minutes, then mash them all with a potato masher. You can give this mashed snack to the birds, while also clearing up room in the refrigerator. The only "problem" is, you are likely to be rewarded with even more eggs in the weeks to come 😃.

#4 Use those eggs!

There is a delicate balance of various high-quality nutrients in a chicken egg, many of which have a very high biological availability, or in other terms, get easily absorbed and used by our body. Because the egg provides a wide range of health advantages to consumers, it is classified as a functional food by the World Health Organization.

We can find eggs in many dishes. If you're seeking to branch out from your usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, you should try one of these equally tasty and simple egg recipes

Many are afraid of egg's cholesterol content. And while nutrition science is rarely unanimous, large part of scientific community is of the view that dietary cholesterol is not the main cause of chronically raised blood cholesterol. To stay on the safe side, general guidelines are to avoid too much dietary cholesterol for those who already have high blood cholesterol. However, if one does not have high blood cholesterol to start with, and is leading a healthy life with a varied and healthy diet, egg cholesterol should not pose any problems and may in fact be beneficial. As with anything, practice moderation and talk to your doctor for advice on how many eggs may be too many.


Overproduction of eggs can make some of us worried so we have provided a few options in the hopes of helping you use up some of those extra eggs from your backyard chickens. Please take advantage of your overflowing egg baskets and don't think of it as a problem but nature's gift to be shared, sold or gifted!


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