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Who Can I Feed Supreme Grubs Black Soldier Fly To?

Insects can be an important source of food for many living animals, and humans as well. If this sounds too crazy of an idea it is likely because you don’t see yourself craving for a dinner of roasted grubs with blueberry balsamic glaze. 

This is likely because we as humans start by trying to imagine things from our own perspective. Grubs have always been and are still considered to be an important dietary source of protein and calories for many species. Not all grubs are the same however - just like a cow, a horse and a cat don't have too much in common, we shouldn't equate all grubs - whether it be black soldier fly grubs, beetle grubs - also known as mealworms, house fly grubs or others.

Supreme Grubs black soldier fly larvae can be fed to various species, including birds, chickens, ducks but also dogs, cats and other farmed animals such as fish and pigs. 


Not only are Supreme Grubs (Black Soldier Fly) considered to be good for your chickens, but they are also one of the most nutrient-rich bugs around. The main benefits are the high amount of protein, very high calcium and richness in methionine and leucine amino acids, all of which are great for laying, molting hens or hens in need of an immune boosting treat.  


Ducks are omnivores who naturally love to consume insects. Many of the benefits of feeding black soldier flies to your ducks are similar to the benefits of feeding the larvae to your chickens. A fun fact is that the usually shy ducks will come running for black soldier flies once they realize they are being “served”.


Birds are known to have a very fast metabolism. As such they are in constant need of energy, and along with the carbohydrates in the form of fruits, grains and berries, they are known to enjoy insect larvae. While protein is an essential, the good amount of fats also provide the birds with the energy they need.


Yup, your pet dog can also consume Supreme Grubs! The main benefit of black soldier flies in your dog’s diet is their richness in protein and the fact that they contain beneficial omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. Include grubs in the diet gradually and mix with other feed until you get to about 20% of dried larvae to 80% of regular feed by weight.


Interestingly, unlike dogs, cats do naturally eat insects, though they are not a main source of nutrition. The benefit of introducing black soldier fly in cat’s nutrition lies mainly in the high protein content of black soldier fly larvae. The percentage inclusion of grubs in your cat’s feed will be slightly lower than that suggested for dogs, which is less than 20% compared to the rest of the feed.


Supreme Grubs are a great feed for your pigs. Being ferocious eaters, they grow very fast. The typical carbohydrate heavy feed can be supplemented with our grubs and can help the pigs put on more muscle and stay healthier. If you are moving from a soya based feed, the benefits will be in the better and complete amino acid profile of black soldier fly protein. 


One of the greatest mysteries of this world is why we as humans thought that raising fish to be fed fish which is then fed to humans is a good idea. It is a waste of our resources, damaging to the environment and ecosystems. Instead, opting for, if not full replacement, then at least an inclusion of black soldier flies in the diet of both tropical and farmed fish, can prove to be beneficial for the environment. It can also help to ensure your grandchildren are able to enjoy fish on the plate just like you did (because if we continue killing fish to feed the fish, we may eradicate life from our oceans very soon).


Various reptiles, from bearded dragons, to geckos and chameleons are all known for their appetite for grubs, which they can eat live or dried. The benefits of grubs for reptiles are that they promote growth and can be a nutritional staple due to protein and much needed calcium content.


Black soldier flies are loved by many different amphibians. While live grubs would be preferred, dried grubs may be used as well. Keep in mind however that grubs are not a feed replacement for your pet but a supplement to the regular feed. 

For any of the pets or farmed animals, if you want to introduce grubs to their feed, start off by adding a small portion of grubs to their diet. You can then eventually substitute their feed or supplement their diet with Supreme Grubs, depending on the species. 


Grubs, and in particular Supreme Grubs dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) are a perfect treat or feed for many pets and farmed animals. And while it will take some time for grubs to become a mainstream food in human diets, we are already witnessing their inclusion in the diets of other species such as chickens, ducks, birds, pigs, fish, dogs, cats and many more!


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