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Why Dried Grubs are the Best Treat for Your Backyard Flock

Why Dried Grubs are the Best Treat for Your Backyard Flock

As backyard chicken owners, we always want to make sure our feathered friends have the best of everything, including treats. While dried mealworms have long been a go-to snack for our beloved birds, there's a new treat in town - dried grubs. But what exactly are the benefits of dried grubs over dried mealworms? In this post, we dive into the reasons why dried grubs are the best treat for your backyard flock.


  1. Nutritional Benefits: Dried grubs are a highly nutritious snack for your chickens. They are rich in protein, calcium, and fiber, which are essential in their diet. In fact, dried grubs contain around to 30-40% protein, making them a great supplement for your chickens' diet. On top of that, they are also an excellent source of calcium, which is crucial for strong eggshell production in laying hens.


  1. Health Benefits: In addition to being highly nutritious, dried grubs also have several health benefits. They contain natural prebiotics, which promote healthy gut bacteria in your chickens. This helps improve their digestive health, which can reduce the likelihood of them developing digestive issues such as diarrhea. Moreover, dried grubs also contain chitin, which is a natural substance that supports healthy immune system function.


  1. Tastier Than Mealworms: While dried mealworms are a popular snack for chickens, dried grubs are actually tastier. Unlike mealworms, which have a hard exoskeleton that can be difficult to digest, grubs have a soft body that is easy for chickens to consume. As a result, chickens tend to find dried grubs more palatable than mealworms, which is why they make for a great treat.


  1. Environmentally-friendly Option: Dried grubs are not only good for your chicken's health but also for the environment. They are made from the larvae of the black soldier fly, which is a beneficial insect that helps break down organic matter. By feeding your chickens dried grubs, you're essentially contributing to the reduction of waste and a healthier environment.


  1. Cost-effective: Last but not least, dried grubs are cost-effective. While they may cost slightly more than dried mealworms, they are still a cheaper alternative to other protein-rich treats, such as freeze-dried shrimp or salmon. Moreover, because dried grubs are smaller and less calorie-dense than other treats, you can feed your chickens more of them without having to worry about overfeeding.


Conclusion: In conclusion, while dried mealworms have been a go-to snack for backyard chicken owners for a long time, dried grubs are quickly becoming the preferred option. Not only are they highly nutritious and have several health benefits, but they're also tastier, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. So, if you want to spoil your feathered friends with the best treats, it's worth considering adding dried grubs to their diet. Trust us, your chickens will thank you for it!


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