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Cute baby ducklings free-ranging and looking for some treats

Why You Should Start Raising Ducks

You’ve seen ducks quacking in a duck farm, or better yet, picking on breadcrumbs on the lakeside. The sight of those feathery fellows, especially their cute little ducklings, is really instigating you to start raising them in your backyard – be it alone or alongside your chicken. 

But … you’re still in two minds about it – should I, or should I not?

Well, that’s the purpose of this blog – to discuss why the decision to keep ducks is really gonna be a good one! So, here are the TOP FIVE reasons as to why you should start raising ducks.

Ducks are easy to care for – generally healthy, low-maintenance birds.

As a responsible poultry farmer (or poultry farmer-to-be), one of the most significant concerns in your mind is perhaps about your capability. More specifically -  whether or not you will be able to care for your ducks efficiently.

Well, got some good news for you; ducks are easy to raise, generally healthy, and low-maintenance birds. The cherry on the top is that you don’t need a very high budget or high-end resources to provide them with the care they need – they really are simple, happy (and cute!) folks.

Basically, all your ducks need the bare minimum: good food, clean water, and a well-ventilated place to sleep (giving them love and attention would be a bonus). They can make their own little spaces to lay eggs without a designated area, such as a nesting box.

Additionally, ducks have stronger immune systems and tend to contract diseases less easily. They don't catch fleas and ticks owing to the time they spend in the water. Plus, they have fast metabolisms and survive in different climates, ranging from hot to cold. 

Ducks suit urban and rural backyards.

Everyone knows ducks are great when raised in rural backyards, but they’re pretty adaptable to your urban backyard as well.

Ducks are decent little creatures and, unlike chickens, will not dig into your lawn and turn it into barren land. They don’t require dust baths – a small pool of water is sufficient for their showers. 

While ducks do eat any greens they see, that really isn’t an issue as it won’t distort the entire image of your lawn. In fact, their presence adds to the natural beauty of it. 

They're peaceful creatures.

Additionally, ducks are an excellent option for urban backyards because they make little to no noise – they'll rarely ever quack and will just peacefully… live. Hence, you’re less likely to receive disturbance complaints from neighbors and people passing by.

Ducks are beneficial for your lawn – another reason why you should raise ducks.

Ducks are a great way to keep your lawn healthy in the following ways:

They keep the pests away.

If you’re also farming plants and veggies in your lawn, you know how hard of a task it is to keep the pests away. In this regard, ducks will be your efficient little helpers.

Given the opportunity, ducks eat everything they get their bill on, including beetles, slugs, and snails. They not only attack the bugs they see but also often hunt down hidden ones. And they don’t let them go easily – as intimidating as it may sound: they chase them until they eat them.

They provide fertilizer for your garden.

Duck manure serves as an organic and natural fertilizer for your garden. It is packed with nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. This, in turn, contributes significantly to the well-being of your lawn and the plants grown in it.

Hence, you're not only raising ducks for their other benefits but also getting a natural way to control pest growth and fertilize your garden. Kinda like ‘buy one get one (actually two) free’ deal, you know?

Ducks are friendly fellows.

To put simply, ducks are unproblematic birds. They warmly welcome any new additions to your flock, be it their babies or even other birds like chickens. (If that’s not news for you: hens even peck their own chicks before they get used to their existence).

Plus, they won’t ask for too much of your time to entertain them – they pretty much find fun in everything they do. Actually, it’s gonna be vice versa – ducks will entertain you and your family with their naughty little acts.

Ducks are a great source of meat and eggs.

The meat a regular person eats is contaminated with artificial substances such as antibiotics and other chemicals because of duck feed. But, if you raise your ducks yourself and monitor their feed closely, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the meat you’re consuming is organic and free of chemicals.

The same goes for eggs – a chemical-free feed means chemical-free eggs.

Additionally, ducks lay eggs more often than hens and without supplemental lighting and heat. Duck eggs are also larger in size, yummier in taste, and more beneficial in terms of nutritional requirements as compared to hens’ eggs. 

If you wish to sell the eggs laid, quite a few bucks. This is because duck eggs are generally pricier than other types, with organic ones being even more expensive.

Finally, you can also let the eggs hatch into cute little ducklings that will never fail to melt your heart and make you smile. 😊


We hope that we've given you enough reasons to get you closer in favor of the decision to start raising ducks :)

In short, ducks are amazing little creatures and they do not require much in return. They'll bring you numerous benefits, including pest control services, organic manure, and fresh meat and eggs, amongst many others.


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