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Chickens enjoying life in the coop

How BSF Helps Improve Growth And Survival For Broiler Chickens

If you’re someone who enjoys nice and juicy sauteed chicken steaks for dinner, and you have chicken in your backyard, there’s a chance you may be raising your chickens for their meat. In this case, your chickens - whether male or female - are called broilers.

Understandably, everyone raising broiler chickens wants their birds to be healthy throughout their life.

There are a few things you can do to improve chicken health and make them ‘meatier while healthier’. A great way to do so is by incorporating Black Soldier Fly treats into their feed. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how BSF treats boosts growth and survival for broiler chickens.

Improved Weight Gain 

Supplementing with Black Soldier Flies is a simple way to incorporate animal protein and healthy fats into your chickens’ diet. 

When protein enters their bodies, it is broken down into amino acids. 

These amino acids, together with proteins, are the ‘building blocks of life’. This is because they form new bones, muscles, skin and cartilage. They also repair damaged tissues, help digestion, and ensure an efficient supply of oxygen to different body parts.

… Leading To Boosted Growth

Packing more muscle on top of a more solid base (skeletal system) leads to not just weight gain but a weight gain which is healthy for the chicken. Additional muscle mass will also wake up the appetite and increase metabolism. 

Increased Immunity 

BSF treats contain a range of essentials for chickens. Two of these are zinc and copper.

Zinc is known to be efficient in helping chickens fight off germs, including various bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

On the other hand, copper slows down the progression of these pathogens.

Taken together, zinc and copper help chicken bodies to resist disease-causing germs.

… Leading To Boosted Survival

As a result of increased resistance to germs, your broiler chickens’ survival rates are boosted considerably.

They are less likely to contract a disease in the first place. In case they do, they are in a better position to fight it off and not succumb to it. This owes to the increased immunity built through the nutrients present in BSF treats.

Increased Resistance To Diseases

Iron plays a role in the formation of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin helps in transporting oxygen to the organs in your chickens’ bodies. If a deficiency of iron occurs, a condition called anaemia results. 

BSF contains a healthy amount of iron, hence helping to prevent this disease.

Additionally, the ample supply of calcium chickens get from Black Soldier Flies leads to stronger bones. As a result, they have a lesser likelihood of developing bone-related diseases like osteoporosis.

Inevitably, not contracting such conditions leads to better growth and survival rates.


Are the above findings backed by evidence?

Yes, researchers in the US conducted an experiment to observe the effect of incorporating Black Soldier Fly Larvae into chickens’ feed. The results showed that these chickens had boosted growth and survival compared to chickens raised on commercial feed. 

Can I use BSF for other birds, like ducks, turkeys and geese, as well?

Absolutely. BSF feed is a great source of nutrition for poultry.

Can I mix BSF larvae with other food?

Although BSF can be used on its own, mixing BSF larvae with grains and vegetables is a great way to mix and match nutrients and form a healthy and delicious meal.


Chickens are not picky eaters; they’ll eat whatever they get their beak on. But to ensure optimal growth and increased survival rates for your broiler chickens (and chickens in general), you should closely monitor their diet and offer them nutritious snacks to munch on.

One such snack which can also be used as a meal when mixed with other feed or as a supplement - is Black Soldier Flies. Your chickens will thank you for it, and if you are raising broiler chickens, you will taste the difference also. Healthy chickens are happy chickens!


Nov 25, 2022 • Posted by Nick (Supreme Grubs)

Hi Micheal,

Thank you for asking! We recommend anywhere from 10-30% inclusion to replace your current source of protein at first but you could increase it further after your broilers get used to it.

While not exactly the same, we had a similar question which we answered in this blog post, hope you find it useful:

Nov 25, 2022 • Posted by Micheal

Hello…..good pm from here.
I want to inquire if I can use bsf larvae as the only source of protein in broilers corn based diet

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